Birth Wish List or preferences

The birth plan has been given a bad name by people over thinking the plan. So don't over think it, have fun together making it. As a couple prepares for the big day it is important to remember what is it exactly you would like to communicate to your care provider. I like to call the plan "birthing preferences" so write with preferences, that is what you would like ?  

An introduction to the people that may be looking after you, try to begin this plan with a positive start. 

So what will be on the plan?

  • Who will be the support people with you?
  • If your baby is overdue, when you would like your baby's induction to begin.
  • If your "waters break" and the liquor is pink or clear, maybe you might pop on your plan wanting  time for you to go into labour on your own. (this will not be possible if you are GBS positive in some hospitals)
  • How would you like the room to feel and look, lighting candles, music, relaxation piece and visualisation items?
  • Do you want a female midwife or doctor?
  • Monitoring the baby, question if this is necessary?
  • Vaginal examinations - keep them to necessary ones?
  • Partner to announce the sex?
  • Delayed cord clamping for at least 3 minutes, then who is cutting the cord?
  • Skin to skin with no interruptions?
  • Let the baby find the breast for at least 45 minutes?
  • Vitamin K and Hepatitis B injections?
  • Going home, you may want to go home earlier than the scheduled time, maybe this is important to you.