We believe Calmbirth will prepare you for the big day. 


When you attend a Calmbirth workshop you will learn techniques of relaxation, visualization and meditation in preparation for the birth of your baby. At Calmbirth we believe in taking a practical approach to childbirth education, we discuss and learn techniques to reduce your fear of childbirth.

With this preparation you will feel ready for the big day ahead by creating a calm, less stressful environment for your baby’s arrival. 

Kath is an experienced qualified Registered Midwife and understand every aspect of birth.  Kath works with women who are in labour everyday, and is highly trained in labour and birth. When you book a workshop with Kath you will receive evidence based information on birthing, as well as practical advice on how to get through labour and birth. Calmbirth with Kath is a great way to prepare for the birth of your baby. Checkout the workshop dates on the workshop page, and book online.







Calmbirth is a philosophy of childbirth education. When you and your partner attend a Calmbirth Workshop we will explore techniques of relaxation, breathing  and guide you in practical ways to prepare for your baby's arrival.


Kath is a Registered Midwife and is passionate about Calmbirth. Kath is a Registered Midwife as well as a Calmbirth Practitioner.  Kath births babies everyday and understands what women need and really want.  Kath's  Calmbirth workshops are run in a creative warm space in South Melbourne.