Bringing your newborn home

So you have had the pregnancy, the birth and the first few days with this little person and now they want you to take the baby home. ? Is this a day of happiness or just sheer terror ? When we left the hospital with our first baby, I remember thinking how fast everyone was driving. I think we stopped a few times on the way home just to see if our new baby girl was ok, I may have even jumped in the backseat. It all was such a blur.....

When the time comes to take the baby home things begin to become serious, sore boobs, sore bottom maybe or your suture line form the C/section may be uncomfortable, this all seems to be part of the new baby territory. The next hurdle is to feed the little person and to recover, sleep (yes you will eventually sleep) and just settle in to the next big ride of your life. 

I don't think anyone can truly explain nor prepare you for the first week of life with a new baby, all you can do is take each day as it comes, accept help and try to enjoy this precious time of your life, it goes so quickly.

Some handy hints :

  • Sleep is sleep , take any offer of any chance you get to sleep, this is like you are going to the best music festival of your lives, but this music festival goes for 8 weeks none stop.

  • Keep your visitors down to a minimum, and do them in shifts, don't let them stay too long, everyone understands, you have such a great excuse when you have a new baby , so use the baby card whenever you like and as much a you like.

  • Forget the house work, don"t beat yourself up if everything is not in perfect order, there is new order now.

  • Feeding is going to take up a big part of the day so find your special place, one for night and one for day, if you feel awkward feeding in front of the visitors or visa versa, feed the baby, the visitors should find somewhere else to go and if they offer to help with something around the house, let them.

  • Shop online, get the everything or some items delivered. The fresh veggies/ fruit boxes are so fantastic, and get your groceries delivered, remember babies don't know night and day for quite a while so ordering can be done at night, so convenient.

  • Take time to have some quiet time to yourself. Have a long shower or walk when your partner comes home, just 10 minutes away from the baby will feel like an hour. If you have had a bad night get up get dressed and get going for the day. Being in your PJs is ok, but if you find yourself in your PJs everyday at 3pm this will do you head in. Babies can wait 10 minutes whilst you have a shower and you will feel better for it.

  • Don't over think this baby of yours, don't over read or have every App or over analyses everything, trust your instincts, if you think your baby is hungry chances are they are so just feed the baby. Sometimes they just want to be held so give the baby to your your partner.

  • Enjoy every minute, take loads of photos and be kind to your self.