Delayed Cord Clamping

Delayed Cord Clamping:
The cord blood in your baby’s cord is the “new black” as the cord blood is being talked about in all parts of the maternity world as it is recognised as a rich source of nutrients that belongs with baby. This blood at birth previously would have been left in the placenta and or cord when the cord was clamped immediately at the birth.  When we delay clamping the cord the blood that is rich in red blood cells, stem cells and immune cells is transferred to the baby, this is known as placental transfusion. Most hospital now follows this practice however it is a definite item for your birth plan or birth “wish list’’. The World Health Organisation has stated that the optimal time for delaying the cord clamping is 3 minutes, giving the baby approximately a third more blood than if the cord was clamped straight at birth. The benefits for premature or compromised babies are well known as this practice restores blood volume and protects your baby’s vital organs. So when the Midwife or Doctor hands those scissors to you (yes more and more women are cutting their own baby’s cords) or to your partner to cut the cord ask if there has been enough of a delay, 3- 4 minutes at least or until the cord has stopped pulsating. this can also occur in theatre after the baby is born via c/section, ask your Doctor in clinic before the big day. your baby will thank you later.