GBS to test or not to test

GBS is an abbreviation for Group B Streptococcus, a common benign bacteria found in the genital track of women. Some care providers will ask for your consent to test for this bacteria by taking a swab at approximately 36 weeks pregnant to see if the bacteria is there. The bacteria is present in around 15-30 percent of all women, it is not sexually transmitted nor does the bacteria cause the women to have any signs or symptoms. The bacteria may cause issues with the baby if the bacteria is passed on to the baby during a vaginal birth. If you tests positive for GBS your care provider will suggest an  antibiotic be given  intravenously during labour. The GBS test is not routinely performed by all care providers so this is best discussed at an appointment towards the end of your pregnancy. Some women will declinenthe test and ask that their baby be monitored closely when born, this too is an option. For further information please go to the link:>streptococcus